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About our ballet flats

Our shoes are made from the highest quality natural materials that offer extreme flexibility and comfort. The inside of the shoes is made of 100% cotton and is made in such a way that no reinforcements are attached to the shoe. This makes them feel as soft as if you are walking on clouds. The ballerinas are available in sizes 34 - 43. Our half sizes have a 3mm difference in length so you can be sure to find the perfect fit in all our styles.

Once your shoe size has been found - every shoe will fit perfectly!

One Shape - Different Styles

All our ballerinas have the same shoe structure. This means that once you have found your size, you can choose any ballerina from Day. Each shoe will fit you perfectly and comfortably.

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This is what our satisfied customers say
This is what our satisfied customers say
Very nice & quality shoes... Really recommended
— Isabella
This is what our satisfied customers say
Very comfortable and beautiful shoes. For every style.
— Simone

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